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Exploring Cobh, Ireland

From Waterford we took a bus into Cork City and immediately hopped on a train (about a 20 minute train ride) out to Cobh (pronounced live “cove”). Cobh is a small port town, formerly known as Queenstown, an famously known as the last port of call for the Titanic before it set sail across the Atlantic toward New York City.

We made a quick stop at The Cobh Heritage Centre, which was conveniently in the same building as the train station. It was here that we learned a lot of history about Cobh and about specific sites to see when touring the city, especially the Titanic Trail Walking Tour (we did the self-guided version).

We at lunch at a cafe that was creatively named Cuppacity! It was here that I got the courage to try a smoked salmon bagel for the first time and it was actually pretty good! I was something I had always wanted to try, but was always wary because of the salmon not really being cooked. I also had some chicken soup and a latte. It was a small and homey cafe with friendly staff and a mix of locals and tourists.

After lunch we walked along the water, went to Kennedy Park, and read the informational signs of the Titanic Trail Walking Tour, which ends at the Titanic Memorial Garden.

Kennedy Park, Cobh, Ireland
Titanic Memorial Garden, Cobh, Ireland

Cobh is so colorful and cute. It was pretty quite while we were there because we weren’t there during tourist season or when a cruise was about to set sail.

View From Kennedy Park, Cobh, Ireland

Most of the streets of Cobh are extremely steep, but have  stairs connecting them.

The Rooftops of Cobh, Ireland
Colorful Houses of Cobh, Ireland

We ventured up into the city and came across Cobh Cathedral, which was beautiful inside and out.

Cobh Cathedral, Cobh, Ireland

From there we headed back down toward the water and went into Titanic Experience Cobh for the tour. It was actually really cool and informative. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and gave us so much history on the Titanic and the city of Cobh. The museum itself is the same building that people could purchase tickets for the Titanic at and was the same building they went through to get on the boats that ferried them out to the Titanic!


Cobh, Ireland


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